Saturday, February 9, 2008



You must go.

See it in an IMAX theater if possible.

It's worth every penny.

I've never experienced a live U2 concert but I would dare to say this would be equal, maybe better. The definition is amazing. At times you're Bono. At times you're in the crowd watching the concert. You can reach out and grab a mic stand. You can read the drummers water bottle label. It's so incredible!

Even if you aren't a U2 fan I think your quality of life will be improved by this experience.

On a humorous note, Jody left his 3D glasses on the microwave. When one of my piano students asked why we had them I answered, "They are from the U23D movie." To which she immediately asked, "Is that like the Hannah Montana 3D movie?" I was and still am at a loss for words.

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tricia said...

ARGHHHH!! You saw u23D???? I have actually seen U2 in concert once, what an amazing concert!! I have been dying to go see this. It is only playing in IMAX. We don't have one around here, maybe this is the excuse I need to come see you?