Thursday, December 27, 2007

Your Amazing Story

I just realized that it's been a dreadful, awful long time since I've blogged. So, just to sneak one in for December.... here goes!

It's been an amazing Christmas season. I've had an unusual amount of time away from work. Jody and I have enjoyed our time with each other and friends and family. We've also experienced an abnormal amount of rest and relaxation. It's been truly transforming!

On our way home from visiting family in Texas, we were were scanning through radio channels. We inadvertently landed on NPR listening to a program called "This American Life." Unbelievable stories of people surviving seemingly impossible situations. It was so inspiring... so crazy! I was sad when we crossed the river in Memphis and lost signal.

I was most inspired by the last story about a woman and her two kids who were held hostage in their house for several days. Her refusal to show fear allowed her to stay in control of the situation entirely. You have to check out the story... listen to it online for FREE here:

(It's an hour long episode... her story is last... at the time marking 43:29)

Anyway... as I began to think about how encouraging it is to hear about people stories and the things they have overcome... a thought popped in my head. It was one of those God thoughts I believe...

I'd love to ask you to consider writing up a short account of a time when against all odds, God came through for you. If you're comfortable doing this, just post it in the comments here.

Imagine what faith can be stirred up in all of our hearts! Can't wait to hear YOUR amazing story.


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Matt and Meredith said...

Hi Lani! I found you through Michael's blog. How are you? I love the name of your blog. That's funny and so creative.