Thursday, May 8, 2008

Keep Praying for Konner

UPDATE 5.7.08

Konner had a good day Wednesday. His pressure stayed low & the results of the body scan showed no additional injuries! He is in a medically induced coma because they know he would not be able to bear the pain if he were awake. I heard he did try to wake up night before last, but they want to give his body time to rest & heal without him feeling the pain.

Please continue to pray for Konner, John, Amanda, Brooklyn & Morgan.



Konner's pressure was at an 8 this morning which is went up this afternoon & they were not able to get it down with medication. They took him in for another brain scan.

He still has good vitals & his liver is healing on its own. Continue to pray...although this is great news, he is still in critical condition.

Monetary donations can be made at any Capital One Branch in Konner Sykes name Account #3312108592 or by contacting Rebekah Minter 903.276.3081/ 903.671.2220/


UPDATE 5.9.08

Just found out that the scan yesterday afternoon revealed no bleeding & a little fluid, but not enough to drain. The pressure was still high because of the swelling of the brain & the medication was not working as they had hoped. They will continue to give him the medication in hopes it will do some good.

Thank you for your concern & prayers! Amanda & John have asked that we pass on their appreciation for all of the support!


Konner's pressure (from the brain swelling) stayed high through the night, so this morning they put a probe on the left side to measure the pressure. It was the same as when it was on the right, so they are just waiting for it to come down on its own. The medication is still not working as they would like. His vitals are still good.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the posts. We have cried over Konner and we are praying to Jesus for him. Keep us updated. You can tell his mom and dad that he has people praying for him (and them) around the world. We live in E. Africa.

Anonymous said...

My family is praying for Konner and his parents. I pray that they will know how much Jesus loves them. We are continually lifting him up to his Maker. Much love being sent. Coshocton, OH

Travis Long said...

My youth group is praying about it...thank you for your updates.

Lesli said...

We too are joining in the many prayer warriors from around the world!! May God's presence and continued peace be upon the family. We will continue to pray for healing and strength and rest for the family and wisdom for the medical team caring for him. St. Cloud, MN

Renee said...

Please know we are praying for Konner and all his family. May God continue to fill you with all his love and strength. Just know you are not alone and we send all our love and prayers to you.

Stillwater, Oklahoma