Thursday, June 5, 2008

Update & Letter from Konner's Mom


Konner’s angiogram has been postponed until next week sometime. He spiked another fever yesterday, and they didn’t want to go ahead with the procedure. They put him on antibiotics again, and the fever was better at the end of the day yesterday. He does have a touch of pneumonia, so they put him back on the oxygen mask so he can breath deeper to help with that. Amanda didn’t get to hold him again yesterday because of the mask. Please pray for healing and strength for all of them.



From: Amanda Sykes
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 9:15 PM
Subject: Thank you from the Sykes family

I just wanted to touch base with everyone who has been so wonderful to me and my family before everyone leaves for the summer. It is really hard for me to know exactly what to say (which is why I am grateful to Mrs. Joyce and April for taking care of this for me normally). I wish I could tell everyone things are wonderful and all of our prayers had been answered. Unfortunatley, we are not there yet. I have not given up by any means, but as I watch children come and go from the unit, I get a little more frightend every day that my Konner may not leave here the way I want him to. The doctors are wonderful here, but sometimes their frankness hurts. I have never felt emotions the way I have the last 31 days.

I did not mean to ramble like this-let me get to the point. John and I have been absolutley blown away by the support from the redwater community. It has been absolutley amazing what you have done for us. Your thoughts and prayers have helped carry us through this so far. You just can not imagine what that means to someone going through this kind of situation. I can't believe that it would have been the same if we were anywhere else. We are truley blessed to have friends like all of you.

As I try to stay focused on what is best for Konner, I ask that you would pray that God will do just that-what is best for Konner. This is very hard for me to ask, but John and I don't want to be selfish and put him through unessessay pain. So I am still desperatley praying for him to be healed, but IF God is not going to grant our miracle, I ask that he go ahead and take him home. I ask that you pray for the same thing for Konner.

Again thank you for everything!


Amanda Sykes

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