Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's the final countdown

Well, we're in the final countdown...

10 weeks to go until we meet our baby girl. In some ways it feels like forever and somehow I know it's right around the corner. Everyone keeps asking, "Are you excited?" My answer is "We're really excited. And scared. But really excited."

I'm sure that this will be a life changing experience. I can't wait to see who she looks like or if she'll be as crazy in real life as she is dancing and kicking around in my belly! It's still surreal at this point.

I was putting things away from our first shower the other day. I put a bottle cooler in our pantry along with some baby spoons and a dishwasher rack especially designed for little baby accessories. As I pushed a few things to the side I thought, wow... this is real! I'm not just putting her stuff in a closet any more. Her stuff is really going to be all around our house. She's going to be here. I didn't say anything, I just tried to process it. It was funny to me when Jody made a similar comment to me the next day. He said seeing those few little items in the pantry made it all sink in. Never mind the crib and tiny clothes hanging in the closet. Until now that's been kind of the room where we put her stuff. It was different seeing things as part of our life too!

Right now we're just trying to enjoy our last two months as a couple and we're eagerly anticipating everything that lies ahead. (And cleaning out closets, and finishing taxes, and working, and everything else that spring time demands.)

We're excited. And scared. But mostly excited!

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